My Love Affair With IKEA

Haaaave you met..IKEA?

Okay, so IKEA is one of my most favoritest places on earth. Let’s be safe and say it’s my favorite store.

JUST IN CASE, you don’t know what I’m talking about let me give you a brief explanation. IKEA is a home goods store that has great products for less from around the world. They have a space-saving, earth-saving kind of philosophy that means you help yourself and you save money (and space and the earth). The top floor has rooms that are all set up with their products so you can go into a bedroom, for example, and lay on the bed, open the closet, step on the rug, etc. The second floor has all the stuff you can buy after you see how cool it is upstairs.

If you are a visual learner, please refer to this delightful scene from 500 Days of Summer.

Before I moved to Iowa I had never heard of an IKEA and had no idea of the delighftulness that I was missing out on. Not that we have an IKEA in Iowa, cuz we don’t. Closest one is 3 1/2 hours away in Minneapolis. But that’s probably a good thing because it probably saves us some money. 😉

Anywho, the hubs took me on a little mini-getaway last weekend to the twin cities and we had a whole day devoted to IKEA. I know, isn’t he the best, sweetest, bestest husband? He is. Although every time we go I have to remind myself that it’s okay if his excitement level doesn’t match mine.

I also haven’t been able to convince him that going into the store with a camera is a good idea, so I took some photos with my phone to share. 🙂


So, let me tell you of an upcoming trend: wicker pieces in the home. We saw lots, but my favorite was this lamp shade.


Another trend? Hexagons. 🙂
How cute is this hexagonal backsplash?


Or, hexagonal mirror panels. These were especially cool because you could arrange them and combine them however you like.


This is artwork that I feel wouldn’t be hard to reproduce. Just take some newspaper, place an image on top, frame it, and voila!
Just liked the look of these…


I liked this room A lot.
”Is it because it has a wall of windows?”
No, but thank you for holding the bag for me. 😉

Maybe it’s because the gray walls were almost the same shade as our walls at home. I think I just really liked the classic feel of all the gray, black, and white.
I would love to reproduce this, but I don’t feel like I could since I love COLOR.


This was awesome. This was vegetable bedding that was part of an entire vegetable themed children’s room. LOL.

I joked that that’s what we’d do for the baby room. In case you don’t know the mister very well, he is NOT the biggest fan of vegetables.

You see the humorous irony…


And here’s me and the baby bump at the local Menard’s store. Yes, we went to stores the hubster liked too. Twas only fair.

The bestie asked for a bump picture and thought it’d be a nice abrupt way to end a post.

There will be more to come about IKEA, and our purchases, and what I’ve been doing with them. Very exciting.

See you later, alligator.


3 thoughts on “My Love Affair With IKEA

  1. I LOVE Ikea but am seriously handicapped in the ability to see how to use things there in my home here! Excited to read more about your purchases and plans and little peanut. 🙂

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