To a Very Special Man didn’t think I could leave my dad out, did you?




TODAY is another very special day as it tis my daddy’s birthday!!

Being the only girl with 3 brothers I was often asked if I was spoiled to which I adamantly replied NO!

We’ll never tell them the truth, huh Dad? 😉

I love, respect, and appreciate my Dad SO MUCH! He has always gone out of his way to show love for me (and our family), whether that meant working extra hard at work to provide or coaching us on the side for soccer or music or whatever we needed.

I love my Dad’s goofy humor, his ah-mazing navigational skills, his ability to carry on a conversation with ANYONE, and especially his love for God and people.

Happy Birthday Daddy!!
I hope it’s a great one and I cant wait to see you soon!
Love you!


And yes, my parents’ birthdays are only a week apart, BUT my dad is older because my mom was a premie.
You’re welcome Mom. 😉


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