To a Very Special Lady

Today is a very special day.
It’s my momma’s birthday!!

the carpenter10

So..I would like to take this opportunity to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!

How about, for your birthday, I give you another grandbaby? 😉
You’ll have to wait till August though.

No, but for realsies, your gift is coming and so is an amazing card that I made you. It would have arrived on time had my MAILMAN done his job and taken it out of the mailbox. It has sat undelivered in the mailbox for TWO DAYS. We received mail, he just doesn’t check to see if there is anything outgoing before he drops it all in..and carries on his merry way.

If you’re our mailman. I appreciate you, but please, deliver our mail.

Anywho, back to the point, my mom is an incredible woman that I am immeasurably grateful for.
For as long as I can remember she has been giving and sacrificing for me and my family.
I love that she is one of my very best friends and it has been that way for a really long time.

Mom, your love is so felt so strongly and I couldn’t ask for a better mother.
I have learned so much from you and I hope to be able to apply those things and aspire to be like you as I set out on my own motherhood journey.
I hope you have a great birthday!
Love you!


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