I’m an Auntie!

So..what are you supposed to write about when you’ve been making absolutely nothing?
How about some exciting news???

I’m an aunt! (again..kinda)

I have three amazing, adorable niece/nephews that I inherited when I married the mister.
Reason #187986752487328987 why that was a good idea.
But this is the first baby on my family’s side.

The first grandbaby.
The first nephew.
The first cousin of Peanut.

Dexter Steven 

Dexter Steven.
6 lb. 14 oz.

He came about 2 and a half weeks early, but he and mom are both doing well. 🙂
Soooo thankful and sooooooooooo excited!!

Now, who wants to pay for me to go to Virginia to meet him?!?


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