Craft Room Reveal

I finally feel mostly prepared to reveal the finished craft room. 🙂
It’s hard because there are always MORE things that I would like to do to a room and it’s always nice to have a 100% finished product to share.

But, I’m thrilled with how it looks so I’m excited to share it!


This is what it looks like as you come in. Dontcha love the stripes? Just always makes me smile. Tutorial if you missed it.

The curtains are lime green. Pretty sure I want to change them to something more neutral, since the rest of the room is so bright. Thoughts?


There’s my sewing machine which I kinda/sorta know how to use now thanks to my FABULOUS seamstress mother in law. Not much confidence yet though. I need to start some projects.

And my lamp. One of my first “big” crafty projects. Finally in it’s home in the craft room.


I was doing my best to utilize what little light was left of the day.

Here’s the other corner of the room. The hubby’s guitars found a place on the wall (aren’t I generous? hah). So far I’ve done most projects on that tiny little table and the low chair. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an island in the middle of the room? Oooh, and a carpet!
Still, it works. 🙂


This is my new favorite part of the house.
My little shelf. Anchored by the dresser underneath. I love having my supplies out in the open and easily accessible there.


A little closer up. Buttons, paintbrushes, paintpens, clips…all the essentials. 🙂


Several paper flowers that I’ve made. Including the ones on the wall.
What? You want them? Need them? Have to have some??
Check out the etsy shop.


This was a project that I was suuper happy with the result. It used to be a magnetic, dry-erase calendar, but I hated having to write in all the numbers every month. (Super lazy. I know.) So I painted it with chalkboard paint from Walmart, handpainted the “to create”, and now I have a magnet, chalkboard, inspiration board.

That’s my Grandma Evelyn. She was super creative. She’s there to inspire.


And, just in case you didn’t notice them. Yes, those are several spraypainted mason jars (from a friend’s recent wedding that she was looking to get rid of…yes please!) that are waiting for a repurpose.


And my favorite new artwork with happened to be a Christmas present. 🙂 What’s funny is that we both made each other art on a canvas for Christmas.

So thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed it.

Partaying it up.



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2 thoughts on “Craft Room Reveal

  1. Wow!! Those stripes are really pretty and fun! I am so jealous that you have a craft room!! lol  I have a project party every weekend I would like to invite you to here:  We would love to have you come and link this up! 

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