DIY Headboard to Shelf

I finally get to show you the BIG exciting project that I’ve been working on.
The new shelf for my craft room!
But first…the back story.

Once upon a time there was a headboard.


This headboard had lived a long, happy life with the mister’s parents before it traveled across the land to take its place at the head of our bed in our apartment.

However, the happiness was short lived as its new owners complained at how the handles to the fake drawers rattled every time there was a slight movement on or around the bed. And so it’s handles were taped down. The headboard thought they would appreciate the panels that slid across the front, but again they complained, and glued them down.

Then, a dark day came where the owners got a NEW headboard (for free!) and left the headboard to sit alone, unwanted, and taped/glued in a spare room.

But, thankfully the story does not end there.
I saw potential in the headboard.
What if…we cut off the bottom and turned the headboard into a shelf?


First, the mister knocked out the paneling in the front.
Yup, there’s even a video.

Then, he used his table saw to cut off the bottom half of the headboard. Although, in retrospect, he recommends using a circular saw because it would be easier.
Then, I sanded the top to take off some of the finish and to get rid of the scratches and dents.
I gave it a coat of white paint first to serve as a kind of primer and to show through a little when I distressed the edges later.
Then I brushed on two coats of blue paint to match the stripe on the wall
it was going to hang on. That’s right, I BRUSH painted, not spray painted.
It took a little longer, but I knew it was worth it for the finished product that I wanted.
I was torn for a while whether I wanted to distress the edges or not. But finally decided to and I’m so glad I did. Since it was going to be blue against blue I wanted it to be able to pop against the wall a little and defining the edges was the perfect way to do that.
I simply took a sanding block and went over all the edges and raised areas.
And here’s the finished product!
I LOVE how the blue stripe continues through the shelf. My handy dandy husband figured out how to attach it to the wall using some boards and screws. Let me know if you need a more detailed description. 🙂
I am so excited to use my new shelf and fill it up! The beauty of using the headboard for this is that I get double the shelf space by using the top and bottom.
I’ll show you how good it looks in the finished craft room tomorrow.
Thanks for reading.
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