When I Grow Up…

Spill it.
What did you wanna be when you grew up??

I wanted to be a zoologist.
That’s right, an animal scientist. Basically, I just LOVED animals and I envisioned myself on the safari studying big cats. *sigh* Some dreams just don’t come true.


Uh huh. Just like that.

Anywho, last week at preschool we talked about occupations and what the kids thought they wanted to be when they grew up.
Let’s just say..it is one of my favorite days all year and they did not disappoint.


Starting with the boys…

We had some “traditional” dreams such as cowboy, hockey player, and surfer.

There were a few that couldn’t settle on just one such as a diver/swim diver (don’t know the difference, but there were two separate pictures) and a super diver/policeman.

Probably my two favorites were big brother (awwwww) and custom drywall worker.

The girls were equally as inspired…

We had hairstylist, surfer (apparently it was a theme), doctor, cowgirl, cook-er, and mermaid.

Two girls also found it hard to limit themselves and wished to be a ballerina/cowgirl
or even a teacher/policewoman/dentist. Busy women!

The most unique were a flyer (yup, she drew a picture of herself flying. awesome) and a sunset person (someone that studies sunsets..she had THE most detailed picture).

I just loved hearing about their dreams. I hope they really get to do them. 🙂
So what did YOU wanna be?


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