February Calendar

Are you ready for the next edition of Look at my Funny Puppy Calendar?
If you missed January here it is. 😉

You’ll notice I started correcting some of the grammar.
This is the first page I noticed how..inconsistent..the words were.
After that, I just gave up and decided to giggle and enjoy it…

“Dachshund have eyes with deep nostalgia with their humorous walking manners they are usually described as Charley Chaplain and their name has the meaning of ‘hunting of badgers’ and it can be assumed that they have been born for the hunting of longtime around 1,200’s from the origin of their name”

That’s right. That was all one sentence. 😉

I have to admit, I learned alot about dachshunds this month. How nostalgic they are. How they like to hunt badgers.
But, you’d think the little pups could at least spell their idol’s name right. Sorry Charlie.

“Although Dachshund have short legs and long body with keen sense and brave character and strong hunting desire, they have been recognized as favorite pets for long time.”


See you next month. 🙂


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