January Calendar

Looking at the title of this post, you might be saying…

“But, Lizzy, my dear, January is over.”

To which I would reply..”That ain’t stoppin me from sharing this delight with you.”
This is going to be a new monthly series, featuring the page of my calendar.

“That sounds boring,” you say.
You sound boring.

Okay, I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. But you gotta have a little faith. It’s what’s ON the calendar that counts..

Let me set this up for you.

Have you ever gone to a Chinese restaurant, gotten your fortune cookie, and giggled a little at the grammar/order of words/etc.?

Now, in no way do I mean to make fun of ANYONE. Trust me, if I went to any non-English speaking country, there would be riots of laughter at my attempts at the language. I just think it’s funny when you read something in “English” and it doesn’t quite make sense.

Okay. So here’s my January calendar starring the Welsh Corgi. I didn’t even notice anything was wrong because I was so distracted by the cute puppies with giant noses.

But if you take a closer look…

“Welsh Corgi are obedient and the are good at working and they used to be used for livestock of farmers and their legs are short enough to run across the legs of livestock.”

Let’s stop here, shall we?

Run-on sentence, anyone? I never knew corgis were used as livestock, OR that their short legs enabled them to run acrosslegs of said livestock. Fascinating.
Continuing on…

“However, owing to their being smart and handsome with pride, they are in high spirits with pleasant character

Don’t they sound delightful? I would like to meet a Welsh Corgi. I imagine we’d have a pleasant chat.

“..and they have been loved by British royal family from Richard I in 12th century to Elizabeth II in the present time. (pretty solid statement) Welsh Corgi have much wariness but they are brave and faithful with much affection to their owners and they can become familiar with children with ease.”

I just love the vocabulary in the description. Love it.

Anywho..maybe that wasn’t as amusing for you as it was for me (and the mister..we read them all out loud and laughed and laughed). Maybe you think I’m mean-spirited.

But MAYBE you giggled a little bit or cracked a tiny smile, and if so, I have succeeded in my mission. đŸ™‚

February’s calendar will be forthcoming (see, I can use big fancy words, too). I thought I’d intro with January and see if I get any hate mail.

The calendar is courtesy of my dear mother who got it from some dry cleaners place in Pennsylvania.
Thanks Mom.

Oh, and thank YOU for reading.
And Happy Groundhog day!


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