Reunited and It Feels So Good

So this has been a week of..”man, I really should make something and blog about it”.

But have YOU seen any projects??

I have walked into the craft room and looked around for some kind of inspiration..but nothing has come.
And then I have gone to the couch and done this….


THIS weekend tho, the mister and I have some BIG plans. So stay tuned for that. 🙂

In other news, I had a baby dr. appointment on Wednesday and we got to hear the heartbeat!


This was super exciting/relieving because I have had moments of “I can’t feel this baby and besides feeling sick there haven’t been any huge changes so I really hope it’s still in there”. It was a solid 160 which the nurse said was good and my friend from church said it means I’m having a girl. 😉 I guess we’ll see!

The hubby came with me which made it even more special. ❤

I have started to show a little (yes, I know, I want pics of the tum tum) and jeans are feeling tight, but no maternity clothes as of yet! The kids (at work) tell me every morning when I come in how much bigger my belly is. hah.

I just reeeeally wanna feel it move. And reeeeeeeally wanna know if it’s a boy or girl!! Only 8 more weeks.

You can’t fool me, that’s TWO MONTHS! ughhhhh…

“It’ll go fast.”

Yeah. Uh huh. Okay.

Here’s what’s been consuming my week as I alluded to earlier..


I read the first book last week. Started on Monday, read during naptimes, and finished on Thursday. Once I got to the actual Hunger Games I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I would be leaving the characters IN the arena to fend for themselves. What if something happened??

So then I started the second one this past Monday. Finished it on Thursday again (I have a shorter day at work so then I can use the afternoon for reading, etc.). But now I was REALLY hooked. I had to know what happened. So I started the third one and finished it that night.

It’s THAT good.

Some have complained (or so I hear) that the third book wasn’t as good.
I disagree.
It took a little while for the “action” to start I suppose. But I needed that break coming off of the heels of the second book. So much had happened so quickly that I needed to settle down for a bit.

It’s really, really good writing.
Great story.

So, as far as my plan for reading a book a month is concerned, I’m pretty far ahead since I’ve already read 4 in January.

Thanks for reading!
❤ Liz


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