Organization and the Energy to Accomplish It

Happy Weekend!!

Although it’s not a 3 day weekend like it is for my husband..I’m still super stoked it’s here.
(Plus, we got out of work early yesterday due to the BUCKETS of snow that were coming down all day.)

One of those great things about writing down those resolutions, is that I’m actually doing them.

Last Saturday I was feeling the most energetic I have in the past..two months..and decided to start on ORGANIZING some of the trouble spots in our house.

And let’s just say that having the ENERGY was a big deal.
I have been so tired and nauseous due to this wonderful babe in my tummy that I have felt like I’ve been slacking in the whole taking-care-of-the-house thing.
The mister has been stepping up and helping out (as he always does), but the house hasn’t been “all tidy” in quite some time.

Just in case you get super bored with this are some helpful hints for organizing that I learned:
– Empty everything out first so that you can see how much space you really have.
– Use baskets and containers to corral small things.
– Make it pretty. If you like the space, you’ll prolly be more likely to keep it that way.
– Make sure everything has a place.

So..first on the docket, the linen closet.

When we first moved in I just kind of threw some things in there and that’s how it has stayed.

First things first, I removed EVERYTHING from the closet.
Then I thought through the most effecient use of space. I’ve known that I wanted the towels to be on the first shelves for a while now, energy…

I also emptied out 2 of the 3 drawers that also had “stuff” thrown about.

This drawer was good. Already housing the sheets that were contained in their matching pillow cases.

Mine looks just like this one…doesn’t it?


Yep..just like it.

Anywho, I was very pleased with the results.


I used my Silhouette (for the first time!) to create the stencil for the “his” and “hers” on the baskets.
I learned some alot and would do it better differently next time, but I’m happy with how it looks.
It’s supposed to be sloppy, okay??

Moving the towels and things around opened up some room for extra pantry items also. Wahoo!

And look at this drawer!

Okay, so it may not look like much, but everything has a place and is organized.

This drawer was empty before (huge waste of space) and now it houses those “too big” items from the kitchen.

I got so motivated by the linen closet that I even organized the pantry!

Someday I’m gunna paint that beast..

Anyway, not super exciting, but it was for me and I’m keeping myself accountable to the things I said I’d do.

How are your resolutions coming along??

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