Pin Worthy Tuesdays: Simple Valentine’s Day Art

Hello, and welcome to this week’s Pin Worthy Tuesday!

**EDIT** I was featured on the 36th Avenue–one of my very favorite blogs! EEEEEEeeeee! **EDIT**

The 36th Avenue

Today I will be sharing some super easy, super cheap Valentine’s Day art.

But first, here’s my pinsperation…


I pinned this a lah-oooong time ago on pinterest from Flamingo Toes,
and ever since that time I have wanted to make some “specimen art” of my own.

So..first I looked for any supplies I had on hand.

Ta daaaa!
Conversation hearts from last Valentine’s Day.

One second later this is Mika exploring a possible snack.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the mister for providing said conversation hearts. He got super excited last year when they went on clearance after the big day.

So he got 3 bags.

Including Spanish conversation hearts.

I heart him.

Buut I told him after they sat around not getting eaten last year that I would save them and use them for some craft..which brings us to TODAY!

I took the “giant” hearts and spaced them out on a piece of cardstock. I tried to find ones that the words were fairly clear and spread out the colors.
I didn’t realize until after I was done that I alternated orange-pink-orange-pink on the right vertical row. Whatevs.

Then I simply hot glued them in place.

I wanted a word on there just like she had “lucky” with the clovers,
but I didn’t know how I wanted to put it on there or what word.

So, again, I sifted through the supplies I already had.
Which happened to be magazine clippings from high school.

Super random. I know. I used to do collages and stuff.

But I found the perfect word!

Yay for everything coming together with minimal work and no expense.

I just cut the word “sweethearts” out, dabbed some hot glue on the back, and placed it in it’s perfect puzzle piece hole.
Yes, I thought about modpodging it. But, quite honestly, the hot glue gun was already on and I didn’t want to deal with shiny, bubbly paper.

I popped it in an Ikea frame I had lying around (without the “glass”) and it was done!

I should mention that you should make sure that you leave room around the outside of the paper so that it fits into the frame. I forgot to even worry about that. Thankfully I spaced it pah-retty near perfect.

Honestly, I LOVE it. And highly recommend it.

I’ll even give you some of my conversation hearts. šŸ˜‰

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