Big News and Resolutions

So..when I tell you the reason that I’ve seemingly dropped of the face of the blogosphere,
you’re gunna feel bad for judging me for not posting for so long.

True, the holidays were wonderful and busy and took ALOT out of me that I may still be trying to recover from.


on top of it ALL…

the real reason I’ve been so absent….


That’s right. Baby numero uno is on it’s way. We’re about 10 weeks into the 40.
We’re super super excited. Due date is August 6th (happy birthday auntie Lindsay hehe).
Yes, we’ll find out if it’s a boy or girl.
Yes, we’ll tell you.
Maaaaybe we’ll tell you names.  If you’re lucky. 😉

But, between morning sickness nausea and being tired all the time,
I haven’t found energy/time to do anything crafty or blog about it.

Hopefully by the end of my first trimester I’ll gain back some energy and clean my house make some stuff.

Which bring me to my next point…in no particular order….


Stencil a wall

Make projects for church craft bazaar

Add faux board and batten to blue room?

Organize closets and “pantry”

Improve basement
(aka clean, paint, add drywall, etc.)

Create alphabet wall 🙂

Make something out of a pallet

Make living room pillows and curtain

Decorate a nursery

Paint birch trees upstairs?

Cook at home more

Keep up on the housework more

Paint touch-ups on molding and chipped walls

Replace windows??

Replace roof Cheer hubby on as he replaces roof and I watch from below..pregnant

Learn to use my Silhouette well

Start (and continue) a prayer journal

Read more

Read God’s Word more

Call my long distance friends more

Plant more flowers

Learn to sew

Continue to learn crocheting

Grow my blog

Make a hobby a job?

Be a better wife

Learn to be a good mommy 🙂

 Do you have any resolutions for this year?? I’ll keep you accountable if you’ll do the same for me. 😉

Thanks so much for reading.
I really have missed blogging.

P.S. right now the baby’s name is Peanut. And we love him/her.


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