So..working with children I get to hear a lot of funny things during my day. It’s something I look forward to as part of being a mom. And honestly, sometimes it’s those little things that get me through my day.

I thought I would share some of the funny things I’ve heard in the past couple months,
and hopefully save some more up and do it again. 🙂

(I didn’t use names to protect identities and all that.)


Little boy: Is this apple juice?
Me: I think it’s a juice cocktail, so there’s apple and other juice in there.
Little boy: I thought so. Hey guys, we’re drinking cottontail juice!

Little girl (on the verge of tears): Miss Liz, he told me to smell his fart!

Little girl (my favorite..shhh): Miss Liz, guess who I’m going to marry?
Me: Who?
Little girl: That boy. But I don’t want to have any babies. I have to ask my mom first.
I have to ask her how the babies come out.
Me: That’s an excellent question, for your mom.

Little boy: Why did Santa cross the road?
Me: I don’t know. Why?
Little Boy: To get into the house on the other side.

Little girl (choosing cereal for breakfast): I’ll take snow flakes.
Teacher: Frosted flakes?
Little girl: Yup, frosting flakes.

Me: I have to get popsicles at the grocery store.
Little girl: For us?
Me: No, for me.
Little girl: For your kids?
Me: I don’t have kids yet.
Little girl: For your grandkids?

Little girl: I said “hi” to her and she said that’s a bad word.

Little girl #1: I hate Justin Beiber.
Little girl #2: *gasp* You can’t hate him, he’s my boyfriend!

See you next time. 😉
Thanks for reading!

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