Pop Art Portrait

I’m going to share with you one of the Christmas presents I made this year.


Okay, now that we have that out of the way.
I saw this project in my favorite magazine..BHG’s special interest publication Do It Yourself.

How to make a pop art portrait.
You know..kinda like this.


I used the tutorial in the magazine, but could not find any kind of link.
But, EVEN BETTER, I found the original video tutorial from the featured article. Sa-wheet.

You will need:
– old window or picture frame with glass
– black and white photo
– 2 colors of acrylic paint (white and a color, I used red; you will also mix 2 shades)
– paintbrush
– spraypaint/tape if you’re painting your frame
– rubbing alcohol to clean glass
– it’s really just that easy

First, find some glass. An old window would be perfect for this. I happened to have a shadow box type thing lying around just WAITING to be upcycled.

I taped it off so I could spray paint over the sea foam green color it had been painted.

Much better. I didn’t have black spraypaint on hand (what???!!) so I just used gray.
(See how I sprayed too much and it’s dripping down the side? Yup, don’t do that.)

Clean the glass with the rubbing alcohol. Tape your photo face up to the back of your glass.

I used a sepia photograph of my Grandma Evelyn (who I was named after, Evelyn is my middle name!)
Black and white was suggested, but I didn’t have that and it still worked fairly well.

Again, this is going to be for my Uncle, as this is a picture of his mom. She was a beautiful, creative woman that I never had the pleasure of knowing. She died shortly before my mom became pregnant with me.

On the glass, use the white paint to highlight the brightest details in the photo, including teeth, glints in eyes, and lightened areas of hair or clothing. Let dry.

Let dry was the hardest part of the process for me.
I just have such ants in my pants..so when I have to wait for things like paint to dry I usually like to be working on another project at the same time. But I fear that if I showed that one just yet the recipient-to-be would surely see it and that would ruin the Christmas surprise. So we’ll hold off. Just know that I was happily busy between paint colors. 😉

Little creepy..I know. Just wait for it.

Use a thin-tip brush and your deepest color to outline the darkest features of the photo. Trace around the photo. Use brush strokes that mimic the texture, like hair. Let dry.

This step really gives the painting it’s definition.

Mix white with your other color to create a lighter version. Fill in all the shadows of your photo–all the areas that aren’t white but are just a tad darker. Let dry.

It’s coming along, right?

To create your final tone, mix a slightly darker shade than in the previous step. I just used this shade to further define the painting and fill in any empty spots. The magazine tutorial said to use a large brush and this shade to cover the whole piece of glass by dabbing rather than brushing.
I couldn’t see how that wouldn’t just paint over everything else, so I skipped it.

Maybe you’re more skilled than me or maybe you’ll watch the video and figure it out. I dunno.

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I cut out a piece of white cardstock to fit the frame and wrote a border of “motherly” words around the outside.

I know it’s not perfect, but I think maybe I captures a little bit of Evelyn.

Thanks for being here.

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