Wicked: All It’s Cracked Up to Be and More!

THANK YOU to those that gave us well wishes for our anniversary!

We had a great weekend and first anniversary together.
And…let’s just be straightforward about it..wicked was AH-MAZING!!

(If this picture is illegal, I apologize to the offended parties, I promise I did not take any pictures during the show.)

This was our second time seeing it and I would still hold my declaration that
this is my. favorite. show. ev-uh!
And I am a very tough critic, ladies and gentlemen, having a theatre degree and all. 🙂

But seriously, If you’ve never seen Wicked, you need to. The story is great. The acting is phenomenal. The singing is even better. It’s funny. It’s inspiring. It’s really all it’s cracked up to be (and more!)

Before we got there though, we journeyed with some very dear friends of ours.

(Katie, me)

The girls snuggled in the back..

(Nick, Mike)

While the boys valiantly navigated and led the way. (Don’t worry! We were in a parking lot!)

We ate at this delicious, very well priced restaurant near Des Moines. It’s HUGE.

We did some acting exercises on the way there, of course.

We wanted to see who could do the best frown.

Not bad..oh hairy one.

We made it!
(Aren’t you glad I was playing with the camera bag and discovered a tripod??)

I look just like her, right. Right???
That’ll be me someday. 😉

And on that day, Nick will be Glinda.

You’re right, that’s silly.
I’ll be Elphaba, KATIE will be Glinda, and Mike will be the dude from the Emerald City.

See..we look JUST like ’em.

Happy couple #1.

Happy couple #2.

We had a great time.
Thanks Nick and Katie for being delightful carpoolers, game players, food eaters, and play watchers with us.
Sigh…one happy year down, many to go.

Thanks for reading.
(Go see Wicked!)

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