Wall Cube Display

First things first.

The giveaway ended yesterday. The winner has been contacted.
Congratulations Renee!

I’ve been wanting to share our living room for a while, but there have just been a few hang-up’s in the way. We now have curtain rods up (hurray!) so there are just a few small projects to get done.

I thought I would give a sneak peak by showing you our wall cube display on one of the living room walls.

I love the idea of wall cubes AND I love that everything on the wall means something to us.

Three of the cubes we registered for at Target, three we found at Goodwill (they were white, but we painted them black to match), the interlocking one the mister found on clearance at Target, and the block one we also found at Goodwill.

This “Love Knot” was a wedding gift from my parents. She found it at World’s Window in the downtown of Cedar Falls, IA. If you are ever able to go to this store (or another like it) you really should. It is a non-profit, volunteer-run store that sells Fair Trade, handcrafted products made my artists from around the world who would otherwise be unemployed. So you can get scarves from Africa or nativities from Korea or a variety of other unique and meaningful gifts.

Pretty cool.

This is a smaller Love Knot we also got as a wedding gift.

I should probably tell you what they mean, shouldn’t I?

They are soapstone carvings inspired by the Kisii people. The smaller loop represents the bride which is placed under the larger loop of the groom. The husband will be her hunter and protector for the rest of their lives. The two loops stand for the two individuals that have become joined through marriage. The blessing included is “May the union last as long as the stone from which the sculpture is carved.”

This was our ring pillow from our wedding. (Which my ah-mazing mother in law made for me.)

Our monogram. The letters are from Hobby Lobby and were also used on our guest book table.

This was the first ring that the mister proposed with. No worries, he didn’t fake me out for long before he whipped out the real one. It’s one of those diamond ring napkin holders. Hee-larious.

This is a WillowTree keepsake box. I got it on clearance last year.
Okay, so maybe this has no real sentimental value to us, but I still like it.

Wedding program.

(That’s right..just ignore the dust. Don’t you judge me. I dusted the other day, I swear. I just missed these. And then decided to take pictures and do a post on them. And only NOW realized how terrible the dust looks in pictures.
Keepin it real folks.)

This was by far one of my favorite things I made for our wedding.
Our cake topper. Or, more accurately, pie topper.

Yup, those are clothespins. No, my hair was not actually that long. But other than that they are exact replicas.

This candle was given to us at one of our showers by a dear family friend. She put little messages on each gift she gave us to give us little reminders for marriage. This one said, “Always keep the love for Jesus burning in your hearts.”

So that’s our sentimental wall. I love it.
Hope you liked it too.

Thanks for reading.


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