Goodbye Pumpkins, Hello Nativity!

My fall decorations came down yesterday.

Most of this used to be on the dining room table, but too many other things get put there, so it relocated.

One of my favorite parts were these paintchip leaves. I have SO many paintchips from when we were deciding colors for the I like collecting them. THEY’RE FREE! I cut each one out freehand so that they’d all be different, just like real leaves.

The pinecones we picked up on a walk early in the season and the white gourds were from a trip to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch with family.

So what did I put in place of my fall “mantel”?

Well, let me first tell you that I am among those that are surprised to see all the Christmas decorations out so early,
you know, in August?!

I love to get in the Christmas spirit, but the “rule” is that you have to wait till after Thanksgiving, right? Right?
Well, that was the plan anyway. But last night I started to think about getting a Christmas tree and then I got suuuper excited thinking about decorating for Christmas.

There was only one problem. The mister. How in the world was I going to convince him that it was time, when Thanksgiving was only mere days away. He is, after all, the president of the Christmas-needs-to-wait-its-turn club.


Ok..he’s not that bad. But I still thought it might take some convincing. Lucky for me this arrived in the mail yesterday. His Matt Wertz Christmas cd.


Do you know Matt? Cuz he’s wonderful. We saw his show last year in Des Moines and really enjoyed it. And this is his FIRST Christmas album. So, that’s like a huge deal.
The mister has been really excited about getting it for a while. (As have I.)

So, as that was playing last night (YAY for Christmas music!) I scurried downstairs and grabbed the boxes marked CHRISTMAS. hehe. And I decorated. Only a little. We still don’t have a tree after all.

I’ll show you the Christmas-y mantel once I have some good lighting. It’s SO HARD to take pictures when it’s already dark when I get out of work. I’m hoping during my 4 day weekend to get some things accomplished including setting up the craft room (yayyyyyy) and taking decent pictures.

Thanks for being here. I should also add that I’m super stoked for Thanksgiving as well. It’s one of my absolute favorite holidays especially since it now means our anniversary is around the corner. 😉

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?


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