Room Reveal: Painted Craft Room

This looks to be a long post. After all, it’s a step by step of a never-ending project. But I’ll do my best to not bore you.
Let’s jump right in at the before, shall we?

Green walls (sage maybe?), matching green ceiling, yellow-ed doors and molding from the “lead paint guys”, and a variety of other unsightly obstacles to overcome.

First things first, we got some generic white ceiling paint and got to painting.
**May I interject that painting a ceiling is not fun work, seeing as your hands are above your head the whole time and all. I owed the mister a backrub or two since he did most of it.**

We even “primed” the walls with the ceiling paint. 🙂
In retrospect, we probably should have just used primer. But I HATE priming walls and all our paint was “self-priming”. Yeah, sure it was.

Next, we painted the trim, molding, and doors white. (Like our paint sheet?)
FINALLY, we could begin.

And by begin..I don’t mean painting (color) which is my favorite and probably only enjoying part of the process. We began measuring and taping.

(No..we didn’t measure the whole room with a McDonalds 6 inch ruler. Why am I measuring? Well, the first time around we measured around the WHOLE room and made pencil marks and then taped. The we learned our lesson.)

We measured (with a tape measure!) our walls which were 93 inches from molding to ceiling. I wanted around 9 inch thick stripes so the mister did the math on how many would fit and that sort of thing.

We ended up doing three 10 inch thick stripes of each color and one 3 inch stripe at the bottom. We realized it would be much easier to measure 10 inch stripes than 10 1/3 inch stripes to divide the wall evenly.

(Sorry for the blurry darkness. It was mostly the evening hours that we were able to work on this.)

We painted one color at a time since the tape from the previous color would be in the way of the next color. Also, like I pointed out in yesterday’s post, it was better to do it in sections anyway.

After we lifted the tape of the previous color and let it dry completely, we measured and began taping for the next color. The advantage of the second and third stripes was that we could use the one before it as a guide.

For instance, we only had to measure 10 inches above the blue striped to know where the top of the yellow stripe would be. Then we marked that with pencil, snapped a chalk line, and taped.

What really helped to create straight (ish) lines was that we taped with a tiny  bit of the previous color showing. So a teeny, tiny line of blue showed when we taped for the yellow line and it reeeeally helped to ensure straight lines. Also, probably MOST IMPORTANTLY, we made sure the tape was down really, really, really tight so that nothing would seep through.

The yellow stripe took the longest because it needed three coats of paint. I blame the green underneath.

Are you ready??

Again..taken at night so they’re a little dark.

Oh, I almost forgot one of my favorite things about this project! Both the blue and pink paint were “oops” colors that we found at our local hardware store. So they were about $5 each. Wowzas! I knew the colors that I wanted, but was willing to compromise a little on the shade and we were able to find BOTH! The yellow is the same color as our kitchen! 🙂

The blue is Atlantic Dawn by Dutchboy. The yellow is Sunflower by Dutchboy. The pink is Passion Pink by Pittsburgh Paint. The white is Ultra White (Point Pleasant?) by Dutchboy.’s bright. Maybe a little Dr. Suess-ey.
But I love it and I can’t wait to fill it up and start creating!

Thanks for reading. Hopefully it wasn’t too long. If you have any questions about what we did you can ask in the comments or contact me!

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