Lessons Learned from Painting a Striped Room

We’re. SO. CLOSE!

I’m hoping to do the big reveal tomorrow on my striped craft room.

For now..here’s a sneak peek.

It took 4+ cans of paint.
Probably around 20 solid hours of work.
About 5 rolls of painter’s tape.

Let’s just say it took A LOT of time and effort.
So the big question is….


I’m gunna go out on a limb here before the final coat goes on the final stripe and all the tape gets removed and all the touch-ups..and say…yes.

I LOVE all the colors. I love how bold and bright it is. I love how it just kinda screams..LIZ!

However, this project is not for the faint of heart.

It took a lot of measuring, patience, and help from my amazing husband. I’m sure that if I didn’t have him helping me you could easily double the time it would have taken. And by that point I would have just grabbed a brush and painted the whole thing one color. haha.

Here’s what I learned:

-1. It’s not going to look perfect.
I’d say it’s close to impossible to get all the lines perfect. (If you have or have seen it done..mad props..but we learned quickly that we were gunna do our best and that would be good enough.) Once all the colors are up there you can hardly notice that the stripes aren’t perfectly straight, unless you put your face against the wall and eye the line. So, keep your face off my walls.

-2. It takes a lot of patience.
A good amount of the time that we spent working on this room was spent taping. And taping. And taping. (You get the point.) Many a time during the process I would look over at my husband and say, “Really? Who’s idea was this?” OF COURSE it was mine. OF COURSE that didn’t matter in the moment. This project lends itself to being taken in sections and that was really helpful. Also, I reeeeeally don’t think you should tackle it by yourself if possible.
Find some one to help you.

-3. The right tools are a LIFESAVER.
We were nervous, at first, about using a chalk line because I had heard that it can be hard to paint over. So we measured with a tape measure ALL around the room and made pencil marks and then taped for the first stripe. Oiy vey. THEN, we decided the chalk line would be worth a try and it worked like a dreeeam. Easy to tape and paint over. Saved us LOADS of time. We even thought about buying a laser level, but I thought it would be silly to buy a tool for one project. Learn from my mistake. Buy the laser. 😉

-4. If you want it, go for it.
At the beginning, I realized this was a bold choice. Now that I have three bright colors all over the walls I’m thinking, WOW, this was a BOLD choice. But I saw the idea, I loved it, and I went for it. And now our craft room walls are FOR SURE going to be a statement piece. And they will make me happy every time I go in the room.
And that, my friends, is worth it.

The big reveal and tutorial are coming soon.
I can’t wait to see what YOU think.

Thanks for reading!


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