FIRST Freebie Friday and Support Homemade

Welcome to the first annual, Freebie Friday.
No, I don’t intend for it to be only once a year.
“Annual” just sounds good.
It is also highly dependent on how well it goes over
and if I am ever able to convince someone else to give something away, too. 😉

I was doing some Christmas shopping today via Etsy.
Because I was all like, “Woah, Christmas is not that far away, and I have NO presents yet.”
And then I was all, “I love how people MAKE all this stuff and then put their necks out there hoping someone else will like it enough to buy it.”

It’s a vulnerable place. I know…

So, since I hope that people like my crap stuff, I thought why not share the love a little and buy homemade this year.

I perused some of my favorite etsy shops and found some wonderful things. NO, I am not going to share any of the Christmas gifts I bought, that would just be silly, what if they saw?!

via Whimsy Studios

I LOVE this woman’s talent! She creates the most amazing works of art.
(Also, check out her blog. Cuz she’s wonderful.)

via The Bird’s Papaya

How gorgeous/pretty/sweet are these earrings?
She has great prices and a promo for 25% off when you buy 4 or more items.

via Little Miss Momma

You need to check out her home decor and jewelry! Oh, and her blog of course. That’s another things I really enjoy, looking at the handmade pieces of those that I feel like I know now through blogs.

You can check out all my favorite etsy shops here.

But on to the GIVEAWAY!
(Did I lose you? Are you still here?)

The winner of the giveaway will get their choice of ANYTHING in my shop
a custom paper flower or ribbon clip order!!!!

ribbon clips…

paper flowers..

OR any color combination for paper flowers or a specific idea for ribbon clips.

To enter:
– simply leave a comment telling your favorite HOMEMADE place to shop OR your favorite item in the shop.

Giveaway will close in one week on Thursday, November 24, 11:59 pm CST.
Winner will be chosen by


Good luck! Go shopping! Have fun!


3 thoughts on “FIRST Freebie Friday and Support Homemade

  1. Renee Rayder says:

    I love your homemade hair clips. I love homemade gifts. I don’t usually buy them though, I usually try my best to find homemade gifts that are simple enough for me to make myself. I don’t think I could pick a favorite hair clip of the ones you’ve made. Now if I could just get my daughter to grow enough hair to wear them – I’d definitely buy some. It’s on my wishlist of things to do, once she has enough hair!

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