Love Me a Sale

Well, we’re back from our time with my family.

To say that I LOVED it would be an understatement. Man..I wish I lived closer to them…but God has me where He wants me for the time being and I am soo thankful for this place and I really am content. I just also love my family. 😉

(me, the star (aka my little younger brother Caleb)

Besides all the wonderful FOOD and LAUGHTER and LOVE. We did fit in a little shopping.

I’m pretty sure you know of my undying love and affection for Hobby Lobby.

Best. Craft. Store. Ever.

Well, my family’s town doesn’t have a Hob Lob. *gasp* But it does have a Michael’s.
And let me say, Michael’s, I have missed thee.
(For the record, we do have a Michael’s about an hour away, but how convenient is an hour?)

For one thing they EXCLUSIVELY have that new Martha Stewart craft paint line.

Which I have been dying to look at especially for the great stencils.

**Confession: I found the stencils. I looked through them.
I didn’t love any of them (especially not for $8-$16), so I bought a cute circles stencil for $2.**

And for another thing I left with about 1,949,093 coupons for my “next” trip.

But, what was really special about this trip to Michael’s was what was waiting for me on their front porch.


See all that up there? Any guesses to how much that put me back?

Less than ten dollars.


You know what this means, don’t you?

Fall decorating for this season and beyond.
Maybe I’ll make a wreath.

Thanks for reading. It’s good to be home.

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