Pin Worthy Tuesday: Yarn Wrapped Letters

It’s that time again… Do you like the “sticker” I made for this series??
It’s suuper basic (I confess..I made it in paint), but I like it!

Today’s project..yarn wrapped letters with felt flowers.

There were four “K’s”, I promise. But I had already sent one home with my brother. Try not to read into anything.

Pinsperation pictures anyone?

(I love her tutorial!)

I like to do some crafting during our LONG trips home and this time was no exception.
I wrapped 2 of the 4 K’s on the trip down.
In the car.
In the dark.

Yup, be impressed gracious.

“Why are they K’s?” you ask.

Well, for my maiden name of course. 😉

I made a quick trip to my beloved Hobby Lobby before we left and the letters were 50%.
Which made them $1 each. Um, yes please.

So I made one for all 3 of my brothers (and their 2 wives) and my parents.

Once I had all 4 letters wrapped (I wrapped the other 2 during a game of Settlers of Catan), I let each person pick the color of felt they wanted and I made felt flowers using this tutorial.

I LOVE how they turned out. And, more importantly, so does my family!

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5 thoughts on “Pin Worthy Tuesday: Yarn Wrapped Letters

  1. These look sooo good! I’ve totally been wanting to try this but I’m nervous about it since our last name starts with a C. C seems like it’d be a hard letter to do….

    • thank you! a “c” might be tricky because of all the curves. my advice would be to wrap in once and ignore the gaps and then wrap it again to fill in the spaces. the hot glue can also help to hold down the previous string to use as an anchor to wrap on top off. hope that helps! thanks for your comment!

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