Brits Do It Better I don’t know about you, but when I find myself doing something dramatic
(like..oh I don’t know..being in a play)
I often start speaking in a British accent.

And suddenly I feel even more dramatic. No? Just me?

Well, this happened a lot in college.

Yes. I was a drama major. No, that does not make me a drama queen. Right, guys? Right??

And if we were doing a play in which we actually were SUPPOSED to use British accents?
Well then, oh boy, all bets were off, we WERE british.

How does this relate to anything at all in my silly little head?

Have I told you I’m in a play?


Yes, a play. A Christmas play. A Lampost Christmas play.

“That’s the best kind!” you say. “The serve delicouso dessert at those things!” you exclaim.
“And if it’s based on a DICKENS story, then that means there are British accents!!!” you shout.

Yes, yes, don’t hurt yourself.

If you leave in Iowa, or any of the continental states, you should come. Dec. 1-16. Details are on the website.

I’ve been channeling a little bit of this…

(Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady. Would I love to play this role someday? Is winter cold?)

and a little bit of this….

(Belle from A Muppet Christmas Carol. I unabashedly love this movie and especially her song.

And speaking in a British accent all the time. It’s lovely. Er, it’s loverly.


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