Pin Worthy Tuesday: Burlap Ruffle Lamp

Sorry..I missed sharing a project worth pinning last week. It was a bit cah-razy. I even had some ideas of things to share, I just didn’t even have the time to take pictures/post about them. Oiy vey.

No worries though, because this week I’m prepared.

Behold, my burlap ruffle lamp. One day it shall live in my beautiful, painted craft room and give light to all things crafty and creative. Unfortunately, that day is probably very far away. *sigh*

Here was my inspiration AND the tutorial I used.


I didn’t take pictures of the process since I made it a little while ago during pre-blogging days.

I can offer you advice if you do decide to make one of these babies on your own though.

Here are a couple things I may or may not have learned the hard way:

#1 Don’t skimp on burlap.
I didn’t buy enough burlap to make enough ruffles
and had to wait to go to a different craft store the next night to buy more.

#2 If you do have to buy more burlap make sure it’s the same color.
Why yes, burlap comes in different shades, especially if it’s from a different store. Either bring a sample to make sure it looks the same or just WAIT until Hobby Lobby is open on Monday so you can get more burlap.

#3 Don’t be a perfectionist.
This project lends itself to wavy, imperfect lines of different colored, different height ruffles of burlap. It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect, sometimes it looks better with its imperfections.

#4 Don’t cover a lime green lampshade with light colored burlap and not expect the GREEN to shine through.
I think that one pretty much explains itself…

I really enjoyed this project, however, it took ALOT longer than I expected. Two evening including the wait for more burlap. I can’t wait for it to shine it’s green light onto my future projects.

Thanks for reading!

Linked up to Not JUST a Housewife, Every Creative Endeavor, the 36th Avenue and Crafty, Scrappy, Happy’sĀ  parties!
AND Young, House, Love‘s Pinterest Challenge..fitting?? I think so!


7 thoughts on “Pin Worthy Tuesday: Burlap Ruffle Lamp

  1. Betty Runge says:

    Liz–You do some of the most interesting things. I am non-crafty person. Really enjoy seeing your projects. Must enjoy your new home.

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