Halloween Costumes 2011

Okay folks, it’s time for the big reveal.
Nope..not another finished room (I wish!!)..but the mister and my Halloween costumes. 😉

(Us at the costume dance party at Lampost. And yes, we did tie win for “Over All Best Costume”.)

Look familiar? Does this jog your memory?


Yup, we were young Carl and Ellie from Pixar’s Up. I we love love love LOVE that movie. And the mister sometimes lovingly calls me Ellie (as a derivative of Elizabeth.. yes, it works. yes, I love it.) So it kinda just made sense.

Let’s break it down..shall we?

(You’re reeeally glad I didn’t start rapping there…aren’t you?)

You know what was (interestingly) the hardest part of this ensemble to find?? THE BROWN SWEATER VEST! We looked for a good two months at every goodwill in the area and even expanded our search to department stores and online. Nada. And if we did find one, it wasn’t cheaper than $25 and we all know that’s not happening..

The aviator’s hat we graciously borrowed from a friend and the big glasses (seriously..they dwarf my face) we got online.

The pink hair bow I made myself and just hot glued it to a pin.

The bottle cap pins are probably one of my favorite touches and really helped to clarify our characters.

I’ll even show you how I made them sometime..if you want.

Of course..it wouldn’t be an Up costume if there wasn’t a balloon involved.
$1 at Hy-Vee and we drew on “Spirit of Adventure”.

Wanna hear a funny story? You do? I’m gunna pretend you said yes. 😉

Mika (our puppy) has been known to be a scaredy cat. (She had a rough puppyhood back before she was rescued.) When we brought in the balloon, she must have thought it was an intruder and would not stop barking and freaking out. She wouldn’t go near it and ended up wetting herself for fear…of the..balloon. Awesome guard dog.

(Us at our Sunday night small group.. I told you we were gunna wear them all weekend!)

Happy Halloween!

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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes 2011

  1. Eleanor says:

    I would love to know how you made the pins! My boyfriend and I are dressing up as Carl and Ellie for Halloween this year!

    • Hi! To make the pin, I found a picture online of a grape soda logo, printed it out, and cut it out into a circle. Then I simply glued it to a bottle cap (you can use soda bottle caps, beer bottle caps, etc.) and hot glued a safety pin to the back. Hope that helps and I hope your costume works out!

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