It’s Coming

Halloween is almost here..are you ready?


Growing up my family never dressed up for Halloween. Just was never part of our family tradition.
So now it’s kind of a guilty pleasure for me as an adult. (Blame the actress in me….)

My first (and only..I think) year of trick or treating was my freshman year in college.

(me, Erika)

I went as a cowgirl (cowboy hat = easy costume) and my roomie, Erika, went as an angel. (Btw, I had to dig deeeep for this picture. Freshman that seems like a long time ago!)

The next year I remember dressing up was my first year in Iowa for the big, annual Halloween party. I guess the years in between were a


Yes, judge me, much to my hubby’s chagrin, I am a Yankee’s fan. I was born and raised in the great state of New York, whattya expect?? I went as….a Yankees fan. lol. It was my first homemade Halloween costume and I LOVED it.

Last year I don’t have a picture of..but the mister and I painted each of one of your eyes black and sewed the letter “P” onto our shirts.. Do you get it?? I tried to find a picture, but the google results were scaaaary.

**UPDATE: Hubby found the picture of last year’s black eyed p’s on his phone! :)**


So THIS year..we’re super excited. We’ve been preparing for months. Actually, I don’t know how long we’ve been preparing, but we’re pretty excited. I’m going to get all the use out of it as possible. A.k.a. wear ALL weekend including to church Sunday morning.  Except the church part..that would just be ridiculous.

It’s a couples costume and it involves THIS..


Any guesses??

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