Printer’s Tray Inspirations

Remember my printer’s tray?

Remember my inspiration?


Here are some other fun ideas for printer’s trays…




Fun, right??

Sorry there haven’t been many crafty posts as of late.
There’s been lots going on (like the stripes in the craft room!!!!)

I will make something SOON.. (plus I have a super exciting announcement tomorrow.)
Thanks. Love.

4 thoughts on “Printer’s Tray Inspirations

  1. Gina says:

    Dear Liz – I have two printers trays too!! (It must be that related thing popping up again) Those are adorable – especially your 1st one – Love it! Happy Autum in your new home!

    • my momma found mine for me at a flea market that’s near them (in PA). if you ever come back with me to my parents, we’ll totally go. 😉 otherwise…antique shops, flea markets, garage sale/craiglist if you’re reeeeal lucky.

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