My Dream: A Striped Room I admit it…I dream of a striped room.
(Sidebar: do you pronounce it striped or stri-ped? Because I think the latter is more fun.)

You know, like this…


The good news?? It’s gunna happen. In the craft room. You bet your bottom dollar, it is.


Only…we’re going all out, and doing THREE STRIPES on the wall! Eeeee!


I was trying to explain what we were planning while I was on the phone with my momma the other day.
First, she thought I meant vertical stripes. Then she thought I meant only one (really thick) stripe of each color. Hopefully she reads this so she knows what I’m thinking..


And, before you ask, NO, it’s purpose is not to be a nursery. It’s a craft room. There are no babies yet. 😉

Leave a comment if you think you can guess what 3 colors I’m going to use!

7 thoughts on “My Dream: A Striped Room

  1. I’ve never thought of doing this before.. But these photos are definitely inspiring! Looking forward to seeing how you do yours. 🙂

    Glad I found this post today!

      • Shanna says:

        Pics! Pics! Pics! I LOVE the picture at the top. Thinking of doing that for the nursery when one is needed. (which will be a while unless the Lord decides to have a laugh) Just fell right in love with it.

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