Room Reveal: Bathroom

The mister and I bought our first home this past July.

(Don’t even get me started on the home-buying process.. Let’s just say we were working with a few too many gov. agencies.) But anywho, as I’m sure most of you know the unpacking, moving in, painting, decorating, fixing-up, cleaning processes NEVER END.

Even when a room is “done” there are still so many other dreams floating around in my head for it. Despite all that, the

house really has come a long way and I would love to show some of it to you! The parts that are clean anyway. πŸ˜‰

Let’s start with my favorite room..the bathroom.

This room started out with some postives–bead board on bottom, arch over shower, pedestal sink, tiles placed diagonally to give the appearance of a bigger space–and some negatives not so positives. Let’s take a look at some before pictures..shall we?

Pale yellow, pealing paint..let’s just say, not my favorite.

The gaping hole in the wall where the vanity from the previous owners should have been left.
We ended up replacing the toilet, but kept the delightful pedestal sink.

Here it is with the little white vanity we put in.

Aaand the after. πŸ™‚

We built the bathroom off of that beautiful waste basket (from Target!) I would just hold paint chips up to it until we found the right one. Color matched to Valspar’s Bayside. (Shower curtain and rug also from Target.)

White shelves on clearance from Target (YES, we love that place..)

I’m trying to bring in a beach theme, since the paint color lends itself to beach..water..sand.The sand and shells in the mason jar are from a trip to Florida when I was a kid and the sand/shells in the coke bottle are from my college sr. trip to Bermuda. If only I had brought back sand from our honeymoon in Mexico.. 😦  Can you bring back sand through customs??

Old window frame that we bought at a garage sale awhile ago. Love it in this space.
Still deciding if there should be beachy pictures inside or left alone.

Funny thing about that window. One of the sides was kind of loose and I kept meaning to ask the mister to drill in a screw once and for all. Well, I accidentally left it outside in the rain and that tightened the whole thing right up! Hurray for wood expanding in moisture. πŸ˜‰

One more time because it makes my heart happy.

Thanks for reading. ❀


6 thoughts on “Room Reveal: Bathroom

  1. What a fun color! I love your new bathroom and would love to feature it on Favorite Paint Colors. Also, welcome to blog land! I just started this last spring and was so grateful to people helping me out, so I would love to feature your bathroom and do a little shout out for you if that’s okay. Could you by chance send me a jpeg of your top photo, that way I can make it bigger on my post without it looking all pixelated. Thanks so much for submitting it, let me know if you can send a picture, and WELCOME!! πŸ™‚

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