Pin Worthy Tuesday: DIY Goodwill Cake Stands

It’s that time again… pin worthy tuesday time. 😉

Today’s pinsperation.

Kate has a wonderful tutorial that you should check out.

Here are some of my finished products..

I hope you’re taking notes cuz this project is suuper easy. 😉 And cheap. I think I spent under $3 for each one.

You Will Need:
Goodwill plate
Goodwill candlestick holder
Gorilla glue (or other strong adhesive)
Heavy objects such as books

Get yourself to your nearest goodwill/thrift store. Find a fancy plate. Fancy: [fan-see] adj. a plate having ridges or raised designs. Also, find a fancy candlestick holder or glass. (I used margarita glasses for the blue and green cake stands). Fanciness example a..

I know, I was a desecration to paint over that virgin islands plate. It helps (if you pick them up at the same time or *SCORE* have these things lying around your house) to make sure the base (candlestick holder) fits into the bottom of the plate.

Follow the instructions on the glue and place a thin layer on the base. Press the base onto the bottom of the plate–making sure it’s centered. Mine was exactly perfect and you can’t tell, so just try your best.

Now, take your heavy objects and set them on top. Leave them on until they don’t pull apart the directions say so.

Yuppers, that’s ALL of Shakespeare’s works and a fun little coffee table book on LIFE that I found at a garage sale. When dry you can paint them any fun color you would like!

I put the spraypaint cap underneath the cakestand to hold it up so that none of the paint stuck to the floor.

And voila!

Perfect stand for a cake or your other favorite treat! 😉

MMmmmm..apples…so autumnal.

FYI, it’s not really recommended to place the food directly on the cakestand. I tried sealing one of the cakestands, but it made the paint crackle. SO, just put a napkin on there. Or throw your inhibitions to the wind and just eat those apples straight off of it!

Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Pin Worthy Tuesday: DIY Goodwill Cake Stands

  1. So cute! Such an easy cheep way to put together some stands for themed parties & such. Could paint them all orange for a Halloween party then paint them red for a Christmas party a couple months later! Very nice work!

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