Pin Worthy Tuesday: Printer’s Tray Memory Box

So.. I’d like to think that I was one of the first million to discover pinterest.

It was so long ago that I don’t even remember where I heard of it, but I’d venture to guess it was a blog. 😉 Anywho, I was slightly confused and VERY interested so I requested an invitation. A MONTH later (I know..that’s how long it used to take!) I finally received my invite and I have been addicted happily pinning ever since. (P.S. If you DON’T have pinterest and would like an invite, shoot me an email and I’ll give you the hook-up!)

Here’s the beauty of pinterest… You get so many wonderful ideas of things to make or eat or visit or wear or buy or do. He’re the downfall of pinterest… You get TOO many wonderful ideas of things to make or eat or visit or wear or buy or do. So, whenever I actually follow through and make/do one of the things I have pinned, I get pretty proud of myself. I’d like to try to do this once a week. I’d like to post about it on Tuesdays, making them…drum roll please….dududuudududuududu tsh..PIN WORTHY TUESDAYS! Bear with, it might not happen, but let’s try, shall we?

First up..Printer’s Tray Memory Box

My inspiring pin for the project was this….

(source crate paper blog)

Stunning, isn’t it?! I loved how everything worked together and there were 3D parts and it was so darn cute! Plus, she has a great tutorial for it also! This is what I started with..(Please excuse the mess around it.) 😉

My dear, wonderful mother made this as a gift for the mister and I for our first married Christmas. Yup..last year. 🙂 DON’T WORRY..I had her permission to do this project! She found the printer’s tray at at this awesome flea market near their home in PA called Zern’s. She contacted his momma to send some pictures and things to her and collected several little trinkets that have meaning for the mister and I. Then, she wrapped it up and took it with her aaaaall the way to Iowa when they came for our wedding. Isn’t she great?! (The answer is…yes, oh yes.) So I had a lot to work with. I just loved the look of it painted white and with scrapbook paper in the back.

WARNING: This was not a quick/easy project. (Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of the process. This was pre-blogging for me.) I remember being in the thick of it and lamenting ever starting it. But I LOVE the finished product and it was all worth it.

First, I took all the trinkets and pictures out. Then, I used a chisel to cut out all the broken and unwanted pieces. This took a little bit of time and was a fragile process, but I wanted some bigger spaces to fit in some bigger pictures and things. It was hard not to crack the whole board while chiseling out the broken pieces. If we had it to do over again, the mister now has an oscillating tool which would make the whole process easier.

We had some Wal*Mart white spraypaint that I used to paint the tray once it was all wiped down and empty. I focused only on the raised front and sides that would be seen since the back would be covered in paper anyway.

The most time consuming part was cutting out the scrapbook paper to fit into each little box. Gross. There were a couple main sizes and so I made a master of each of those and then set to work cutting MANY of those sizes. It took forever a long time. But once that was done and they were all mod podged in, all that was left to do was hot glue in my trinkets and pictures and we were all set!

Here it is in our new house..

The red and blue paper flowers were used at our wedding, so they hold special significance (and work well with the color palette). I even tried to use some of the scrapbook paper my mom used originally. The added pictures are from our wedding. The minigolf score card is from a double date with my oldest brother and his wife. The printed sheets of paper are our proposal story and the song that the mister wrote for me which he used in proposing. The red program is from our wedding!

3 thoughts on “Pin Worthy Tuesday: Printer’s Tray Memory Box

  1. Renee Rayder says:

    I’d be interested in an invite to pinterest. I’m reaching the point in the pregnancy where I have to do alot of sitting and I’ve been hearing lots about this site.

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